BookTree is a vibrant gathering place for the exchange of ideas, and discussion of books and the literary arts.  It is a place where all are welcome to continue their journey, expand their knowledge, feed their interests and further their education through books and literature.  It is a place for families to find and enjoy the best of current and past literature.  A place where our customers can hear local and traveling writers, authors and poets present their work. We are happy to work with Book Clubs, recommend books, order anything that is print (that we don't already have on our shelves).  We have gift certificates, a revolving selection of new and gently-used books and loyalty cards that offer frequent customers additional discounts.

BookTree is one of the few remaining independent bookstores on the Eastside that will be an important part of our city’s identity.   It will be successful because of the generous support of our community who values and patronizes a stand-alone retail bookstore. Together we'll keep your passion for reading and books alive and well. Remember to visit and support your local bookstore often so that it survives and serves the community for years to come.

BookTree was started by 2 people who are passionate about the inherent value of books, reading, writing, listening and sharing diverse ideas, and viewpoints.

609 Market St.  Kirkland, Wa 98033  Phone: 425 202-7791

NEW Store Hours- Sunday, Monday - Noon to 5pm; Tuesday, Wednesday 10am to 7pm  Thursdays-CLOSED  Friday 11am to 7pm Saturday 11am to 6pm

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Dear Friends,

When Parkplace Books closed in December 2015 I still felt it essential for Kirkland to continue to have an independent bookstore, and I was not ready to retire.  

I offer grateful thanks for all the support you have extended to Rebecca and I over these many years and look forward to how you might extend that support to the new bookstore. Rebecca has retired but will likely be spending time in the new bookstore, particularly over the holiday season.

I'll tell you more about my new partner and co-owner of the bookstore soon.

 However, before we open for business several renovations are necessary.  A new website and signage are being created, new computers and supplies must be purchased.  We also have to raise some operating funds to be able to pay legal and insurance costs, and to establish accounts with book distributors and vendors.  We will also have some marketing costs.

We have already received several generous donations that has helped us get nearly half-way to our goal of $25,000.  More is needed to insure we will have a healthy business.

Any amount you are able to donate to BookTree will help. 

As a special thank you, founding donors will get recognition in the store newsletter and all donors who are able to contribute $250.00 or more, will be named on a plaque and displayed in a place of honor in the store in the near future.  If you prefer to remain anonymous we would also respect that.

Just as important is your assistance in letting your friends and neighbors know that Kirkland will soon have a new independent bookstore.  I hope you will become a regular customer, attend readings and special BookTree events and encourage others to shop at the store.     

If you are able to make a donation please make your check out to BookTree and send it to:


609 Market  St.

Kirkland, Wa 98033

Thank you.

With love and gratitude,

Mary Harris  

Owners: Mary Harris & Christopher J. Jarmick

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