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Free Workshop, Reading & Open Mic w/ Matthew Brouwer and Christopher J. Jarmick

January 21- Free Workshop 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Avoiding the Rut of the Rant: Writing Political Poetry with Subtlety, Humanity and Wit. Facilitated by Matthew Brouwer

Free Reading and Open Mic 6:15 to 8:00 p.m. : Featured Poets: Matthew Brouwer and Christopher J. Jarmick.

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It's the Third Saturday Poetry is Everything Free Workshop and Reading at BookTree Series. A workshop taught by a renowned poet and workshop facilitator followed by a reading and open mic featuring two Poets and an opportunity to read a poem or two on the open mic. You're invited to listen, learn and participate. 


Matthew Brouwer is a performance poet and teaching artist residing in Seattle, WA. His work bridges the worlds of spoken word and literary poetry to create a style that is both evocative and subtle, clever and penetrating. With saxophone in hand, he has wowed and wooed audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond and has been featured in a number of regional literary, performance, and visual arts showcases. Whether performing for a room full of middle schoolers or old school poetry aficionados, his foremost goal is to make his poetry a moving, living enlivening experience for all. He leads workshops for teens and adults, co-founded the Whatcom Juvenile Justice Creative Writing Project, and has facilitated Kintsugi Writing Circle for people suffering chronic medical conditions. Stories We Must Tell, his first full collection of poems was released April, 2015. Matthew's Website

Christopher J. Jarmick, the co-owner of BookTree is a freelance creative and technical writer-poet-editor. His other experience includes working as a financial advisor (Morgan Stanley and Waddell and Reed), and film, TV and radio producing/directing/writing (Parmount/Fox/CBS/Disney). He’s a published journalist, novelist, playwright, and poet who has curated and hosted numerous literary events, appeared on panels at literary festivals, and taught writing, poetry and video-production classes/workshops. His latest collections or poetry are Not Aloud (2015- Moonpath Press), and Ignition (2010). 
Chris Jarmick Website       Review of Chris’ latest: Not Aloud here


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