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Adrienne Ross Scanlan (Turning Homeward) & Clare Hodgson Meeker (Rhino Rescue) - Book Talk / signing at BookTree

BookTree is honored to host two authors - novelist, Adrienne Ross Scanlan (Turning Homeward) and children’s author Clare Hodgson Meeker (Rhino Rescue!)

Adrienne Ross Scanlan’s new narrative nonfiction book , Turning Homeward: Restoring Hope and Nature in the Urban Wild relays the author’s personal journey of finding home and belonging through restoring the nature that is close to our lives . While not a straight forward memoir, Turning Homeward's intimate narrative blends personal story with the thorny issues of restoring urban nature and a city's salmon habitat.

Clare Meeker’s Rhino Rescue. Meeker writes: I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my new book with National Geographic KIDS: Rhino Rescue! And more True Stories of Saving Animals. The three animals featured in the book are Honey Girl, A Hawaiian Monk Seal, who got tangled in fishing line while she was hunting for food in the ocean; Kuzya and Borya, two Amur tiger brothers from the Russian Far East who lost their mother at 3 months old; and a mother and baby white rhino named Kass and Draegon who were part of a daring airlift to move rhinos away from poachers in South Africa to a new home in Botswana. I loved doing the research for this book. National Geographic Explorers-in-residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert are the founders of Rhinos Without Borders an organization whose mission is to save the endangered South African Rhino from extinction. Over 1,000 rhinos are slaughtered each year by poachers who sell the rhino tusks for money. The Jouberts came up with a bold plan to move Kass and Draegon and up to 100 rhinos to a safe wilderness home in a secret location in Botswana. Why Botswana? You’ll find out when you read Rhino.


For more than twenty years, Adrienne Ross Scanlan has immersed herself as a volunteer in all things nature: as a citizen scientist monitoring salmon runs for county and local agencies, a restoration volunteer salvaging native plants and removing invasive weeds, and as a docent at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and Wolf Haven in Tenino, Washington. Adrienne’s writing has appeared in a variety of literary publications, including City Creatures, Pilgrimage, The Fourth River, Rikkun, and Tiny Lights. She has received a Seattle Arts Commission award and an Artist Trust Washington State Literature Fellowship. Learn more at her website here

Clare Hodgson Meeker is an award-winning author of 11 children’s books, including the Smithsonian Notable Book Lootas, Little Wave Eater. Her new book, Rhino Rescue!, published by National Geographic Kids, was awarded a 2016 Junior Library Guild Selection. Clare teaches writing in schools throughout the northwest and at conferences including this year’s 2016 Pacific Northwest Writers Conference in July. She is a member of the Seattle7Writers collective.