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3rd Saturday PoetryIsEverything Reading/Open Mic with Everett Poets!

A special summer edition of BookTree's 3rd Saturday PoetryIsEverything reading and open mic.

Note special Time - 6:30 PM Meet the Poets and Browse BookTree 7:00 PM Reading and Open Mic begins

BookTree is honored to feature 4 Everett Washington based poets and most likely a few additional spotlight readers from the Everett Area as well. Plus we'll make time for some open mic readings as well. Feel free to share something with our audience or just come to listen to some talented wordsmiths. Each of our features will have to 12 to 14 minutes to recite, dazzle and/or make you look at something in a brand new way. 

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Our Featured Poets are:

Taylor Xavier (pictured) is an artist that hosts a series of creative work shops and performance spaces in Everett, WA. Her work has been featured in Black Napkin and Sadie Girl Press. Her favorite color is ochre, and her book, “The Moon Expects Some Answers,” will be available in August.

Duane Kirby Jensen is a painter and writer from Everett, Washington. He runs Everett Poetry Nite (at Zippy's every Thursday Night), where you will laugh a minimum of 100 times per show, even if they have to tickle you in order to meet that quota. For some reason there are always sea gulls howling in the background when you talk to him on the phone, which makes for haunting conversations. He enjoys reading Murakami and cooking gourmet meals, and runs a poetry press. He has an affinity for acts and words with shock value, so it is rare to be bored around him. He once had an imaginary cat named Pita Kitty, who used to travel space and time. Find his art here:, and his heart on his sleeve. 
- Bio By Jennifer Faylor - Edison’s Ghost Machine

Carolyn Agee is an actress, author and spoken word performer living on the Puget Sound. David Arthur (Callaway) calls her “Everett’s own Emily Dickinson”. When she isn’t suffering from existential depression, she enjoys petrichor, unknown forest trails and intimate gatherings of kindred spirits. 
Her publication credits include “Drowning Ophelia” (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2017) Ever Silence Menacing (Mount Analogue— Political Pamphlet Series, 2016) and the forthcoming YA novella The Ambiguous Tides of Saudade (Wolfsinger Publications, 2017).

LOGAN RUSH COMPAU is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. He is one amongst the troupe of lost boys that wreak havoc and heartbreak on the mic at Everett Poetry Nite and the Poetry Laboratory. His artwork and poetry was published in the University of Washington-Bothell’s Literary & Arts Journal, Clamor, and recently he released a limited edition batch of postcards of his photographs paired with unique poems––he sold out in under an hour. One random fact about him is that you can catch sight of him walking in the background of one of the scenes in Hitchcock’s “Lamb to the Slaughterhouse” episode.

For hours a week things move towards him on a conveyor belt, as he scans barcodes off frozen bags of peas and boxes of Cheerios. His beard is of standard regulation sea-captain length, and he comes from an unbroken home, with two loving parents (one of whom is an excellent heckler).

Note the special time. Reading starts at 7 p.m. Why? Poets in the Park is happening at Anderson Park in Redmond on the 15th. It wraps up at 6 p.m. and we hope several people will want to meet and hear the Everett poets we have booked at BookTree for your spoken word pleasure! Folks at Poets in the Park will be invited to our reading. Come early, stay late. . . .