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Evening with Dave Boling - Lost History of Stars!

Note- Event is offsite and you will need Reservations!
Dave Boling - Lost History of Stars -

Meet Dave on the 18th! 

“The author of the award-winning Guernica returns with a compelling story of war, violence, and tragedy…Fluctuating from a nostalgic past to a present filled with uncertainty, this story gives a touching and detailed perspective on a cruel war in which children are the innocent victims. This beautifully narrated work will appeal to fans of both historical and general fiction.”
Library Journal

“The Lost History of Stars is a heart-wrenching yet ultimately uplifting story of an extraordinary young woman and her family, who are forced to endure unimaginable hardship at the hands of a brutal war. Dave Boling’s brilliant novel is a meditation on the resiliency of the soul and the spirit, and will long be remembered.”
Garth Stein, bestselling author of A Sudden Light and Racing in the Rain

“If history is written by the victors, this may explain why so little is known about the travails of the Boers, Dutch colonists of South Africa, against the British….The novel sheds much-needed light on the deaths of thousands of Boer civilians in these camps. A valuable testament providing glimmers, however scant, of hope for humanity.”
Kirkus Reviews

This special event is co-sponsored by BookTree AND The Kirkland's Woman's Club.

Limited Seats and Reservations are required. Visit or Call BookTree for details.

Buy or Reserve your Copy of Lost History of Stars at BookTree and get it autographed by Dave Boling on July 18th. (You don't have to be present to get it autographed).

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