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Reading Circle Book Club - Born A Crime - Open to All

We are reading Trevor Noah's memoir: Born A Crime. His stories of growing up in South Africa with a brave, strong and very independent mother under (and right after) the oppressive apartheid system are informative, uplifting, touching, humorous, and almost tragic adding up to a great read. I read the book several months ago and knew the story was very much worth reading but found the writing superb. I'd also encourage you (even if you have read the book) to listen to the audio version of the book told by Trevor himself, which includes several languages (phrases that are wonderful to hear which are immediately translated). Happy to get you copies of the book and/or  the audio version (which is priced much lower than most audio books at just $20.00!). 

BookTree's Book Club Reading Circle is free to join and open to everyone. Read the book chosen for the month and attend our meeting to discuss, and share our feelings about the book.

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