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Third Saturday Workshop - Reading & Open Mic with Rodgers & Burgess !!!

Join us for our 3rd Saturday Workshop, PIE Reading and open mic.  It's FREE!

James Rodgers 4:30 to 6pm - Workshop: James Rodgers leads the free workshop on: Turning off your inner critic and gaining confidence!

Then our Poetry Is Everything (PIE) reading with featured poets James Rodgers and John Burgess! 6:15 to 8:09pm

Please share our Facebook Event Page and encourage others to be part of our memorable evening.

James' new book - They Were Called Records, Kids (MoonPath Press 2018)

John's new book - 1977 (Ravenna Press 2018)


James Rodgers is a prolific poet living in Pacific, WA for more than two decades, and has been in the Pacific Northwest his entire life. His first full length poetry publication They Were Called Records, Kids was recently published by MoonPath Press. James lives with his very patient wife and two very psychotic cats. While James prefers humor, he writes all kinds of poetry, with a focus on music, humor, kids, travel, and so much more, along with many song lyrics waiting to have music attached to them. He also created his own humorous style of haiku that he calls haikooky, and you can see his blog at

James has three self-published chapbooks, and has had poems published by Prism Magazine, Ha!, Poets of the Kent Canterbury Faire, Fly By Night Press, WPA Members anthology, Wrist, Washington English Journal, and many more. He was also the winner of the WPA Charles Proctor Award for Humor in 2005. He has been rejected by Raven Chronicles, Prairie Home Companion, and 45th Parallel, among others.

Along with poetry, James is an award-winning photographer, having won multiple prizes in Auburn’s annual photo contest. He has had multiple art shows of his work, provided the black and white images used in Cindy M. Hutchings book Tree Talk, and the tulip portion of the collage cover for Brendan McBreen’s book Cosmic Egg, both published by MoonPath Press.

John Burgess grew up in upstate New York, worked on a survey crew in Montana, taught English in Japan and since 1985 has lived in Seattle, where he works corporate communications for an insurance company. He’s been a featured poet at bookstores, art galleries and coffee shops throughout the Northwest.

Past Glory: 2006 Jack Straw writer, 2x Seattle Poet Populist nominee, Burning Word co-founder, 2008 Words’ Worth curator, Snow Monkey editor, Richard Hugo House board member and past president.

Ravenna Press publishes his poetry: Punk Poems (2005). A History of Guns in the Family (2008). Graffito (2011). “by Land…” (2015). 1977 (2018).