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Reading Circle Book Club with special guest- author Robert Dugoni!!!

Join us for a very special Reading Circle Book Club evening and meet best-selling author Robert Dugoni!   It happens on Tuesday June 12th at 7pm!  Please share our Facebook Event Page Here

Reading Circle Book Club is reading 2 books by author Robert Dugoni:  His just released critically acclaimed coming of age literary fiction: The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell    AND the first book in his best-selling (over 3.5 million copies sold) Tracy Crosswhite mystery-thriller series - My Sister's Grave.

Read them (heck buy them at BookTree) and then join us for a discussion of the books with our very special guest, author Robert Dugoni!   Yes, you can ask him anything you would like about the books (and have him sign them too).  Tell him in person your favorite and least favorite parts of the book! If you are curious about his writing process . . . ask him.  

Be part of our special evening.

Advanced praise for The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell :

“Dugoni has produced a novel that, if it doesn’t cross entirely over into John Irving territory, certainly nestles in close to the border…Told in two separate time lines (Sam as a boy, and Sam as a man) that eventually come together, and written in a gentle, introspective yet dramatic style that is very different from that of Dugoni’s crime fiction, this is an inspirational story of a man who spends a lifetime getting to know himself.” —Booklist

“Sam Hell is inspiring and aglow with the promise of redemption.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Dugoni has a gift for creating compelling characters and mysteries that seem straightforward, but his stories, like an onion, have many hidden layers.” —Associated Press

My Sister's Grave :

Starred Review: “Combines the best of a police procedural with a legal thriller, and the end result is outstanding...Dugoni continues to deliver emotional and gut-wrenching, character-driven suspense stories that will resonate with any fan of the thriller genre.” —Library Journal

“My Sister’s Grave is a chilling portrait shaded in neo-noir, as if someone had taken a knife to a Norman Rockwell painting by casting small town America as the place where bad guys blend into the landscape, establishing Dugoni as a force to be reckoned with outside the courtroom as well as in.” —Providence Journal

“What starts out as a sturdy police procedural morphs into a gripping legal thriller...Dugoni is a superb storyteller, and his courtroom drama shines. This ‘Grave’ is one to get lost in.” —Boston Globe

“...a swift, engrossing story that shrewdly combines elements of police procedurals and legal thrillers.” –The Seattle Times

Pictured: author Kevin O'Brien, Chris Jarmick, Robert Dugoni and 2 book fans! Picture taken May 3rd at Shawn O'Donnell's Pub in the Smith Tower, Seattle, Wa by LeJene Normann