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bill bissett and Rox

Legendary Canadian writer-poet-artist bill bissett and Stephen (Rox) Roxborough will talk, read, share and sign books! bill's newest is 'breth'; Stephen's is 'Ego to Earthschool.

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Canadian poet bill bissett was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and started publishing in the 1960s. The author of more than 60 books of poetry, he is also a painter and musician. Known for his unconventional writing style and spirited performances, his collections of poetry include Th influenza uv logik (1995), Loving without being vulnrabul (1997), Scars on th seehors (1999), narrativ enigma (2004), northern wild roses (2005). and breath (2019) is his latest!

Born to an American mother and a Canadian father, Stephen Roxborough began writing at 14 when his 16-year old brother ran away from home and left him a copy of Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits.

Subsequent influences and inspirtions have been Jack Kerouac, Walt Whitman, Georgia O'Keefe, D.T. Suzuki, Duke Ellington, Emily Dickinson, Carl Jung, Paramahansa Yogananda, R. Buckminster Fuller, Alan Watts, Samuel Beckett, Daniel Lanois, Bill Hicks, Jonathan Swift, John Muir, Marcel Duchamp, and bill bissett.

An award-winning performance poet and three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, Rox is presently fine-tuning manuscripts about ice hockey, death, Zen, an imaginary friend, and New York City.

He is currently Editor and Creative Director for NeoPoiesis Press and resides in Anacortes, Washington.