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Creative Writing Workshop, Reading and Open Mic with David Thornbrugh and Joan Laage

Our Third Saturday Workshop and PIE Reading Series begins its fourth season with writer-editor-poet David Thornbrugh and dancer Joan Laage. Don't miss it. Saturday September 21
Workshop 4:30 to 6pm ; Reading and Open Mic 6:15 to 8pm .
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The Workshop: 4:30 to 6pm

Moving Images to Words
This will be an experiential workshop for writing poetry as inspired by movement. Poet David Thornbrugh and dancer Joan Laage will present the Japanese genre of dance known as Butoh, which has been called the poetry of the body. Soon after meeting Joan in Tokyo in 1988, David found himself inspired by the Butoh performances she was taking him to.

Arising out of the turmoil of Post WW2 Japan, Butoh embodies imagery. It is very evocative of extreme states, vivid flights of imagination, and is known to be a strong assault on the senses.
David and Joan will share their collaborative process through discussion and performance. The workshop participants will then have an opportunity to write poetry inspired by Joan’s movement and to share their work if they wish.

The PIE (Poetry is Everything) Reading and Open Mic 6:15 to 8pm

w/ David Thornbrugh and Joan Laage.

(Photo of Joan Laage is by Bill Gaylord)

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