Ready for December?

Thank you for embracing BookTree and making our first few weeks in business a success!  We are off to a good start.  Thanks for telling your friends, neighbors, family and acquaintances about the new bookstore in Kirkland.   We are planning exciting events and readings.  Some are already on the calendar - like our upcoming Holiday party on December 9th,  the Michael Schein reading on Sunday, December 11, and the next installment in our workshop and poetry reading on Saturday December 17th which will feature Washington State Poet Laureate Tod Marshall!  

We had a great gathering last Sunday (11/27) with Robert Dugoni and learned that there will be a 4th  (January) and 5th Tracy Crosswhite book; and the new Crosswhite book is already getting praise from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews and others.  Not to mention a literary novel that will be published in the next year that Robert is very excited about. Also, the very exciting brand new development -- there will be a Tracy Crosswhite TV or Cable series in the future (the deal was signed!).   There will also be a video of the Q and A session available shortly.  (I'll post a link when I figure out how and where to present it). All of Roberts hard work over the last few years is leading to his much deserved growing success and pardon the cliche' (but it fits like a glove). it couldn't happen to a nicer guy!   (Hmmm I wonder if he'll be at our Holiday party?) 

Oh yes. . . we have some autographed Dugoni books ready for you to enjoy or give as gifts.

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