Support BookTree: Letter from the Owners #2



Dear Friends,

Kirkland’s brand new independent bookstore BookTree will be opening in the next few weeks.   We’ve had a lot of hoops to jump through to get the store ready, but we are almost there!

A few weeks ago I promised to tell you more about my partner and co-owner. His name is Christopher J. Jarmick and I first met him about 10 years ago when he read some prose and poetry at Parkplace Books. A few years later in 2008 he agreed to organize and host a monthly poetry reading at Parkplace which continued at the store until it closed in December of 2015.  He has had several ‘careers’ including screenwriting, producing documentaries for PBS, directing music videos and creating segments for TV programs (including Entertainment Tonight) in Los Angeles.  He moved permanently to the Seattle area in 1994 with his wife and three daughters and became a financial advisor working at Morgan Stanley and then Waddell and Reed. He devoted the last 7 years to his writing publishing articles, interviews and poetry.  Since 2001 he has promoted and/or hosted hundreds of readings and literary events throughout the Northwest, and was a board member of the Washington Poets Association and PEN.  He’s currently in the final stages of editing an anthology of poetry to be published shortly and his latest collection of poetry is Not Aloud (published late last year by MoonPath Press). 

When I told Chris in June of 2016 that my efforts at opening a new store were not going as well as expected, he got involved and then decided he would become a book-seller and co-owner of the store.  We have made BookTree a reality!

Our vision has been to create a unique friendly, independent book store  that will continue to host book clubs, literary events and be a vital part of the Kirkland community.

The most important part of making the store a success is YOU.  And we have been blessed to receive both financial and goodwill support from a growing number of people.  

Thank you so much to the over 50 people and groups who have donated over $17,000 to help with the expected and unexpected costs associated with opening the store. 

Any amount you are able to donate to BookTree will help. As a special thank you, all donors will get recognition in the store newsletter and all donors who are able to contribute $250.00 or more, will be named on a plaque and displayed in a place of honor in the store.  If you prefer to remain anonymous we would also respect that.

Just as important is your assistance in encouraging your friends and neighbors to visit Kirkland’s new independent bookstore.  Chris and I hope you will become a regular customer, attend readings and special BookTree events and encourage others to shop at the store.    

Thank you.

With love and gratitude,

Mary Harris 

(and Christopher J. Jarmick)